Volunteering & donations


Head of "Animals Now" students' cell

During the 2018/2019 academic year I served as head of the "Animal Now" students' cell in Tel Aviv University. “Animals Now” is an Israeli non-profit organization that promotes animals’ rights for better treatment of animals by humans. I lead the group in the university, significantly expanding the number of members and activities and increasing awareness of the cell on campus.


"Children of the night"

During the 2013/2014 academic year I volunteered in "Children of the night" project, via "Perach" national program in Tel Aviv University. The project aimed to reach out for teenagers in distressed neighborhoods. Once a week at night we, couples of volunteers, walked the streets of distressed neighborhoods in Tel Aviv, contacting and talking with teenagers in the streets - hearing what's on their heart and sharing from our life experience.


"Noar LeNoar"

During Junior high and high school I was a member in "Noar LeNoar" national youth organization (In collaboration with the international "B'nai B'rith Youth Organization" - BBYO).

I raised activities, conferences and initiatives supporting the organization principles:

Helping Others (community volunteering), Self-Leadership, patriotism and relation with the diaspora.

During my membership I fulfilled two major roles:

Head of volunteering in my home branch

I arranged community volunteering events and was responsible for the weekly basis personal volunteering of the members in my town.

Head of volunteering on a national scale

I was in charge that every branch will manage continuous volunteering for the community. I also raised national congresses and workshops on volunteering and executed national volunteering events.